Monday, 8 December 2014

A Good Day

I have been eyeing up the new seasonal drinks in Costa for a couple of week now and i finally had 

Me and my mum had a few Christmas presents to get and I really needed to get out of the house so we went into town. When we got home i started thinking about the day and realised that everything went according to plan and i was really excited! so i thought i would share my day with you.

Starting with the boring stuff, i got up, lead in bed for 30 Min's telling myself i needed to get up because i was hungry and lying there wasn't going to get my stomach to stop rumbling. So had some food and then did some biology revision, fun! I am currently doing biology posters for revision and i managed to finish one, yay!  then had a shower, washed (it was very necessary) and dried my hair. with a 20 minute rest in between the washing and drying, to give my arms a chance to recover.  I then had some lunch, jacket potato with spaghetti hoops :)  somewhere in there i changed into actual clothes (not pyjamas or a towel).

Now the fun stuff, mum came home from work and we went shopping! only went in about 3 shops but it was fun, we had a good chat about unimportant stuff and got everything we needed (Christmas shopping complete!). we stopped off in Costa and both had one of their orange hot chocolates! Oh My Makeup it was good! and ye i did just change OMG to OMM, i think my version is better (and awesome)  and that's how it tasted ommmm, it was just like a terry's chocolate orange!

hope you had a good Monday 

- Jess 

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