Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Hate the word Diet

Firstly, I hate the word diet.

 Diet implies that we are looking for a quick fix to to loose weight and we do that by making a temporary change to the food that we put inside our bodies. Thats not what this post is about. I'm not about to give you a new diet thats guaranteed to make you loose a stone in a week. ( and for those of you who have found a diet promising this, DON'T LISEN)

Over the coming months I'm going to share with you some food and diet related information that has really helped me and changes the way i eat and think about food.

Almost every woman (and man) has been on a diet in their life. If we are being honest, probably more than one. And the question everyone want to know is 'Do they work?'. Some/ usually the most extreme do result in weight loss that can, in some cases, be very dramatic. But only for the pounds to creep back on at the end of the diet. The only way to lose weight healthily and to keep it off is to make permanent changes to the way you eat.

 I'm not an expert, i don't have any qualifications or training, so feel free to ignore everything i say. But! Please don't forget everything i say. For some people out there, what i'm talking about might help, so please read.

Recently, within the past 6 months, my every day diet has changed a lot. This isn't because i was trying to loose weight, this is because it was medically necessary. As many of you guys reading know i have a chronic illness called ME/CFS. For those of you who don't know what that is, or do know but don't know many details please click here  to read about it from a very talented lady called Meg.
 The doctors i have recently seen have said that cutting certain things out of my diet could potentially really help me.

Sooo.... I have cut out Dairy, Gluten and refined sugar! Thats right, no more chocolate!

So over the coming months i will be sharing with you my journey, experiences with new foods and some of the best recipes I have found and created that not only taste great but are supper fricking healthy for you!

so stay tuned lovely humans

Love and spoons

- Jess

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