Thursday, 15 January 2015

Rant Time

I have recently found two articles from the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph about ME/CFS and they have made me extremely upset and angry.

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"People suffering from ME should get out of bed and exercise if they want to alleviate their condition, a major study by King's College has found."

I just have to say, Why are they wasting time on studies like this when they could use that money to do research into the cause of this debilitating illness and therefore hopefully find a way to help all of us, maybe even a cure.

"Prof Trudie Chalder, from Kings College London, who led the study, said: “By identifying the mechanisms whereby some patients benefit from treatment, we hope that this will allow treatments to be developed, improved, or optimised."
"Not understanding the exact genesis of a disease did not preclude treating its symptoms, she added."

As I was reading the comments left on the guardians article I found this:
"Trudie Chalder is a professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine, King's College Hospital. She is a psychiatrist."
All I have to say about this is that a Psychiatrist will only look at at an illness in a psychological way as thats what they have been trained to do. ME/CFS is a physical illness so why is a psychiatrist doing studies on it?

Lastly I want to say that as of 2010 ME has been classed as a disability and I am deeply saddened by the lack of credit us sufferers get for dealing with all that we do every day.

So all you ME/CFS sufferers listen up!

You are Fierce. 
You are a survivor. 
You're a Fighter through and through.
 Little Brave , Breathe. 
There is a Warrior within you.

Love to you all 
- Jess


  1. No words. Publications like the Telegraph could be publishing ground breaking articles about our plight. We need a voice, we have a lot to say and it's really controversial. The M.E. story is shocking and it would get a lot of public interest if written about in the right way. But instead they choose to do this, fuel and circulate ignorant and damaging views. And for what why? Because it's lazy journalism, these articles are easy to write and get plenty of views as they are. These articles have come at a bad time for me, I'm fighting many battles at the moment, all of which would be made easier if there was better knowledge of this condition.

    1. I really hope your bad time doesn't last much longer Jen, let me know if there is anything i can do or if you ever need to talk.