Tuesday, 2 September 2014

So... Whats next?

This week, people start going back to school. From next week they start going to/back to university.
So...what's next for me?

Well, this past summer I was ment to take my year 13 exams and then next week I would have been off to university. 
That didn't happen. I was extremely ill for the month leading up to and during the exam period, so I was unable to take them :(

So as of this week I will be starting year 13 again. At home. I spent last year learning the material needed to pass my exams, but just because I understood it, didn't mean I could remember it! (Bad short term memory, curtesy of ME). So this year will consist of me doing everything I can to get all of that important info needed to stay in my brain. I am doing two A-levels, Biology and psychology. I will have to write an essay at the end of one biology exam and at least one in each psychology exam! Why did English have to be my worst subject! 

Anyway, that's what Is about to happen to me, what's about to happen to you? 

- Jess


  1. Good luck studying for year 13 again! Will you be doing the whole school year again? I reckon you will fly through it all! All the best!

    Lennae xxx

    1. Thanks Hun, ye I will be doing the whole year again, you can't take the exams until the summer so will be spending up till then preparing, at home.


  2. Good luck with your studies, I have so much respect for students who have M.E and who are still studying, it must be so so difficult and I can only imagine how difficult it can get. All the best with it and if you ever feel like it's too much don't let it get to you, because just sticking at it is an achievement. Go and show the books who's boss!


  3. I had to take year 13 twice, it was difficult knowing that I was older than everyone else, and what could have been had I not been ill. I have also just had a deferred exam that I couldn't take at the time. Revising something that you already know can be difficult, I would say try and have something else going on in the background to try keep you motivated and feel like your moving forward. It can also be a great opportunity to focus on your health. Try and find time for yourself, you will make this year amazing! x